Killing Corruption

Erin knows that as long as corruption is rampant, the voices of ordinary people are ignored. And we the people aren’t free when politicians are serving to line their own pockets for money and power. 

Larry Householder’s $60 million bribery scheme is part of a pattern where politicians are only in it for themselves. And this is all too familiar in Ohio government today.

Erin is all about protecting ordinary people and their families who aren’t in the elitist class or the political establishment. She has no ties to the corporate elites, meaning she only serves real Ohioans. 

Tax the Rich Elite
Relief for Everyone Else

The establishment politicians just don’t get it, we are tired of paying a higher portion of our income in taxes than the rich elites. Or maybe they just don’t care because these same elites are funding their campaigns. Our families and small businesses are being weighed down by a tax system that rewards corrupt politicians while making the Fat Cats even richer. Erin knows that 2nd yachts and 3rd vacation homes aren’t as important as making the wealthy act responsibly toward the people and communities who helped make them rich. Erin will fight to ease the tax burden on working families by supporting tax reform that requires rich elites to pay their fair share of taxes.

Empowering Our Children

Education of our children is key to Ohio’s economic growth and prosperity.  Yet, despite four Ohio Supreme Court decisions finding the state’s system for funding public schools inadequate, Ohio does not have a sustainable approach to funding public education. Instead, our legislature has made it impossible for local school boards to fund their schools without a never-ending cycle of levies and continues to adopt programs such as ECOT and Ed Choice that waste taxpayer dollars and weaken public schools. Ohio families need legislators such as Erin who value public education.


Supporting Working Men and Women
Erin believes in the dignity of work. As we have seen during the pandemic, our society often fails to
recognize just how essential many working men and women are. Erin will work to see that all workers
are respected, have the pay and benefits to support a family, and are able to retire with dignity. She
will strive to provide them with the education and training necessary for workers to acquire skills to
succeed in the 21st century economy. For America to prosper, all workers must have an opportunity to
experience the American dream.

Controlling COVID-19

Problem solving to protect families and their way of life is one of Erin’s greatest talents. As a Lung Cancer Warrior, she also strongly believes that access to healthcare is a Pro-Life issue. Conflicting messages and incompetency of our leaders are preventing us from getting this pandemic under control. Erin will never let political hysteria guide her decisions in dealing with COVID. Erin will look at the facts and rely upon the combined values of strength, science, and protecting our families and businesses as her North Star to represent us.  COVID has amplified Ohio’s challenges with healthcare access and public health.

FYI, the Chair of the Ohio House Health committee voted to limit the direction offered by Ohio’s medical director and said he would fight for anti-vaccine groups when a COVID vaccine is developed.  Do you want politicians making medical decisions?

A Cleaner Ohio

Let’s face it, too many industries are using our land as a toxic dumping ground. This is where we hunt, camp, fish, hike, bike, and swim. These industrial poisons even reach the places that we live. Ohio could, and should be cleaner, but once again corrupt politicians are taking money for these irresponsible wealthy industries. The Fossil Fuel industry has a big hand in this corruption along with several other industries. Our families end up suffering because of this. Erin is focusing on protecting our families and sportsmen while opening up the markets to greater competition for energy sources. This will lower energy costs while at the same time cleaning up our properties, wilderness, and farmland.

Freedom From Gun Violence
-The Corporate NRA Hates Me

Having been around guns throughout her life, Erin supports the Second Amendment in conjunction with responsible gun ownership laws. Responsible gun owners and the average person are under siege by irresponsible politicians. These corrupt politicians are constantly failing to protect our children and families by giving in to the greed of elitist gun manufacturers. After each needless shooting of innocents, too many establishment politicians bury their heads in the sand and fail to do a single thing to prevent another mass shooting. This causes some of us to feel like sitting ducks in public areas like stores, movie theaters, and even schools. Shame on them for caring more about the profits of the wealthy elites rather than the lives of the people we love. Our representatives are paid to protect us, not the people who are making money hand over fist in industries like firearms manufacturing. Erin will always put the lives and lifestyles of people over profits for the filthy rich when faced with that choice.


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