Leadership And Problem Solving

Mother, Daughter, Civil Servant, Entrepreneur, Leader

Erin Rosiello is an experienced, qualified civil servant, passionate about community, committed to involvement, transparency and accountability.  As a former business consultant, business owner, salesperson and civil servant, she has spent her career fine-tuning necessary skills of listening, assessing and creating plans of action.  Erin gained valuable experience assisting Ohio businesses as a Regional Manager for the Bureau of Workers' Comp she where she was required to successfully navigate both state and local governments in order to assist Ohio employers. 


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About Erin

Erin Rosiello was born and raised in southwest Ohio and resides in Maineville. Not a stranger to hard work, she graduated from Dayton Public schools at the age of seventeen and attended College at both Muskingum and Miami University with scholarships for running both track and cross-country. 


Her life’s work in sales, marketing, civil service and as an entrepreneur have prepared her to be a bi-partisan problem-solver, negotiator and community leader.  She has been involved in her community as a Clermont 20/20 Leadership Graduate, an OSU Certified Public Manager Graduate, a founding member of Cincinnati East Side Rotary, and a graduate of Miami Township’s Citizens Police Academy. 

Erin and Pat Rosiello currently live in Maineville with their daughter Nicole, a senior at Miami of Ohio. 

Advocacy: Continuing a Family Tradition

A Southwest Ohio native with a family history of advocating for civil rights and social change, Erin is the middle child of three. She grew up in Dayton, Ohio among freedom rider parents that were passionate about service to others and fighting for civil rights.  Winonah (Beamer) Myers and David Myers provided her with selfless examples of how ordinary citizens can bring about change.

Passionate and concerned about public education, access to healthcare and legislation that makes sense, Erin has decided to carry their torch and pursue an active role as a dedicated public problem-solver by running for State Rep Ohio 62, Warren County.


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