Speaking at her Kitchen Table Conversation, Erin Rosiello told voters, “This November’s election will
determine whether the culture of corruption in our state legislature will continue. It’s apparent that
Republican legislators and state officials are incapable of stopping a culture that focuses on self-
enrichment and special interests rather than on the needs of hard-working Ohioans. The only way to
change the culture is to elect more Democrats to the Ohio House and Senate.

“A scheme as audacious as the alleged $60 million Householder bribery could only occur if Republican
legislators were looking the other way, rather than holding their brethren accountable. Even now, the
Republicans are allowing Householder to keep his House seat and to receive his salary. It is not even clear
whether Republicans will consider repealing the legislation resulting from the alleged bribery.

“It is not as though this were the first time that Ohio Republicans have engaged in very questionable, if
not illegal, practices to line their pockets or the pockets of their cronies. Remember Coingate, where
Republicans paved the way for some large contributors to invest state agency funds in highly speculative
investments, only to end up with millions of dollars in losses and several criminal convictions. Or, ECOT
where Republican politicians paved the way for a large contributor to set up a charter school that
overstated the number of students served to the tune of $80 million in state funding. Or, the federal
investigation into travel and spending practices of Cliff Rosenberger, the Republican Speaker of the
House from 2015-2018.

“Our state and federal constitutions envision a system of checks and balances in which our politicians are
held accountable. As the history of corruption in Ohio’s legislature shows, that accountability is swept
aside when one political party dominates the legislature and is unwilling to hold its own party members
accountable, even for the most egregious breaches of the public trust.

“Why am I running for the Ohio House if it is so corrupt? The answer is simple: I want to stand up
against the culture of self-dealing and corruption. As the daughter of parents who traveled to Mississippi
as freedom-riders and were imprisoned for fighting Jim Crow laws, I believe that one individual can make
a difference. As a lung cancer warrior who inherited a legacy of fighting political injustice, I must run
when I see our democratic institutions controlled by politicians who quietly condone a culture of self-
dealing and corruption rather than actively rooting it out

“For me to fight effectively, however, I need to be in the Ohio House. For that, I need your vote. “


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