In a demonstration of their misplaced priorities, Ohio House Republicans are pushing a plan to
impeach Gov. Mike DeWine over his handling of the coronavirus crisis, but they have refused to
expel indicted former Speaker Larry Householder from the legislature.
“Republicans in the legislature attacked Dr. Amy Acton over and over again, until she finally
decided to step down,” said Erin Rosiello. Rosiello is the Democratic candidate for the Ohio
House from District 62. “Now they’re trying to impeach Mike DeWine -- a move so extreme that
legislative experts have no recollection of it ever being attempted before now.

“The voters of Ohio and especially the voters in Ohio’s 62nd House District deserve to know
whether or not Scott Lipps agrees with impeaching DeWine? Or, if he supports listening to
public health experts like Dr. Acton? We know that he voted in support of Senate Bill (SB) 1, a
bill giving a group of legislators the authority to approve or reject certain orders from Dr. Amy
Acton, who was then the director of the Ohio Department of Health.

“We also know that Scott Lipps attended a meeting of Ohio’s prominent anti-vaccine political
groups and discussed concerns about what a legislative response to a COVID-19 vaccine might
look like. Lipps was quoted by the Ohio Capital Journal as saying ‘We’re gonna face a couple
bills that this group does not like. And I have to have energy to stop this vaccine shit that’s
coming.’ He told members he would be happy to fight for Health Freedom Ohio, but he’ll need

“Scott Lipps’ position on these important issues is especially significant because Lipps chairs the
Health Committee in the Ohio House. If Lipps does not believe in relying on medical and public
health experts during a pandemic, he certainly should not be setting healthcare policy for Ohio.
We all want to reopen Ohio, but we must do it responsibly. Lives are at stake.
“While they’re attacking DeWine and Acton, the House GOP is allowing a lawmaker that was
indicted for bribery and racketeering to keep his seat and his taxpayer-funded salary and
benefits. They don’t seem to care about corruption, but they are all-in on attacking science and
public health. We need to change the Republican culture of corruption at the Ohio Statehouse
this November.”


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